The Liebster Award (AKA the Beloved Award?)

I was nominated for the Liebster Award (This is CRAZY. Amazing!) by Rayne (who writes AWESOME short stories and is the reason I requested The Lord of the Rings at my library), Noriko (who posts book reviews that I read to the END and fun fact: I had the supreme honor of being her 100TH follower), and Alex (who has a… Continue reading The Liebster Award (AKA the Beloved Award?)

What does YOUR quiet time look like? Starring my friends!

PREPARE FOR AN ENCOURAGEMENT BOOST! Hopefully. Two weeks ago, I talked about my quiet time. Today, I'm sharing about the quiet times of my friends. If you saw my idea post from last week, you'll recognize some of these names. I commented to their answers in parentheses. 99% percent of their answers are unedited except… Continue reading What does YOUR quiet time look like? Starring my friends!

Cooking Adventures: chocolate chip cookies.

Life skills I want to master somewhat before I die. 1. Carry on small talk that's not awkward 2. Making food that tastes good without taking forever 3. Sectioning off my brain when it starts spewing negative thoughts This series, Cooking Adventures, is me documenting my journey learning life skill #2. First up, chocolate chip… Continue reading Cooking Adventures: chocolate chip cookies.